Madrid, year 2

May 2011. Las Dalias returns to the Palacio de Deportes of the Community of Madrid. For another year, its 150 stalls are visited by thousands of Madrileños.

Las Dalias on the Road, again. Once more in the heart of the capital for a four-day run in May, and determined to visit other countries and cities in the future, to teach the world about our style, spreading the word about the most colourful and popular image of Ibiza. Craftsmen, designers, stall holders, importers, artists, musicians, set designers, experts, the media... The whole of the vast Las Dalias family, and above all the visitors who came along, particularly on the Saturday, and greeted this new experience with enthusiasm. As the saying goes, “same history, different viewpoints”, so there were tales, anecdotes and opinions to cater to all tastes, as often happens when a big family sets off on a journey. Many in the media followed the event, so contributing to the consolidation of the Las Dalias image. We also enjoyed the support of important company sponsors and institutions, such as the island’s governing Council (Consell d’Eivissa) and the Town Council of Santa Eulàlia, which not only support our projects and value our efforts, but identify with our way of life.